AVISTON is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporate resource to veterans, nonveterans, and communities in our nation whose primary goals are to implement programs and activities to empower them to advance economically and socially by working with continuing to serve veterans and partners.
  AVISTON's veterans and partners have a vast variety of interests and skills  with which to continue to serve in many ways:
                         -  Veterans homelessness//food/shelter program
                          -  Community SROs building and management program
                          -  AVISTON'S building/construdtion/renovation program
                          -  Community homelessness/shelter program
                          -  Community feeding/food centers
                          -  Veterans advisement on employment/training/education
                          -  Charter schools establishment and management program
                          -  AVISTON'S youth programs
                            .  Education
                            .  Employment
                             . Afterschool and Summer programs
                          -  AVISTON'S entrepreneurial education, development, networking, and support program
                AVISTON - American Veteran In Service To Our Nation